When it’s time for your child to see a dentist, you definitely want an experienced pediatric dentistry provider who’s friendly, understanding, and down to earth. At Capital Dental Group, dentist Kimberlie Yun, DMD, is all of those things, which is why her young patients view the dentist’s office as a welcoming place instead of a scary one. Use online scheduling or call the Englewood, New Jersey, office to schedule your child’s pediatric dentistry visit today.

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How does the dentist make children comfortable?

Capital Dental Group is designed for comfort, and kids love the relaxed atmosphere. There are flat-screen televisions in all treatment rooms, pillows, and blankets to help children feel cozy, complimentary beverages in the waiting room.

Furthermore, there are even headphones to make entertainment easy (and to muffle out dental noises that might make kids nervous)!

Of course, the amenities are just part of the Capital Dental Group approach to pediatric dentistry.

Dr. Yun knows how to relate to young patients on their own level. Her extensive training in pediatric dentistry treatments and procedures gives her the unique skills needed for comprehensive children’s dental care.

What happens during pediatric dentistry checkups?

Dr. Yun checks your child’s teeth for indicators of decay, evaluates their tooth development, and monitors changes in their jaw. If Dr. Yun determines that your child is at risk for tooth decay or gum disease, she may recommend treatments like topical fluoride as a preventive measure.

If your child has tooth decay or gum disease, they may need treatment to resolve it during the checkup or at a later visit. Dr. Yun makes sure that children are always fully relaxed and comfortable during all dental procedures. She believes in painless dentistry for all ages.

Another part of your child’s pediatric dentistry exams involves learning good oral care techniques. Dr. Yun demonstrates the correct brushing and flossing methods so you and your child can duplicate them at home.

Does my child need a dental sealant?

Many children get dental sealants around the time their molars erupt. Because of their location at the very back of the mouth, it can be hard for kids to adequately brush molars when they’re young. This leaves molars vulnerable to bacteria and debris, which could cause severe decay.

A dental sealant coats the teeth to repel potentially damaging substances and keep molars healthy.

When should my child start orthodontic treatment?

It depends how their teeth develop. Some children need a treatment like Invisalign First® at age 6-10. This phase-one treatment helps correct emerging bite problems, and might help your child avoid more complex phase-two treatment later.

Dr. Yun continually monitors your child’s tooth and jaw movement so she can make customized recommendations.

For pediatric dentistry from a friendly and welcoming provider, call Capital Dental Group or click online scheduling today.